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Sunday, 16 May 2010
Cash Gifting FAQ's
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Cash Gifting FAQ's

Do you have some questions about cash gifting? 
I hope that this will answer them for you!

What is Cash Gifting?

Private cash gifting is a concept embraced by
private groups of individuals and has been in
existence for many years. Our private
activity does not involve network marketing,
multi-level marketing, or a business or
commercial activity. There are no business
transactions, investments and/or securities
involved in this activity.

The concept of private gifting is based upon
the fact that both American and Canadian
citizens as well as other countries, have the
Constitutional right to gift property, cash
and other assets, and are subject to the rules
and regulations established by the laws.
The U.S. gifting rules are found in the IRS
Tax Code, Title 26, Sections 2501-2504 and 2511.

The law states that one or more individuals
can give a gift to another individual of up
to $12,000 each per calendar year without
any tax liability to either the giver or the
receiver of the gift, because the tax on the
gift has already been paid. These gifts are
not included in the gross income of the recipient.

Is this a pyramid?

Not at all! A pyramid is associated with an
investment scheme, a company or a business.
We are not a company, just a private sharing
club. We have zero sales quotas, we do not
sell positions and we do not have an
ever-widening base to the structure, which
just keeps going and going. A pyramid never
allows anyone coming in on the bottom to
ever reach the top. Everyone gives the same
gifts, works together in a team and receives
the same gift. In a pyramid, only those at
the top profit while those at the bottom
never reach the top. In a pyramid, people
can and have lost their money.

A pyramid is also not to be confused with
"Network Marketing".  Although Network
Marketing is a legal and viable source
of income, when was the last time you,
or anyone you know able to start at the
bottom of the company and reach the top
position? NEVER! We are neither a
networking company nor a pyramid scheme.

How did this concept begin?

Giving private gifts to one another is
an expression of kindness, which has been
going on for centuries. Very much like the
traditional "Barn Raising" where an entire
town would come together to help a family
in need. The combined charity and synergy of
people helping each other can create miracles!
Governments have allowed its practice for
individuals to share their wealth with
families, friends and others. It has been
a means of helping and blessing others on
special occasions or when the need arises.

Many cultures gift as a matter of course.
Asian, Jewish and South American communities
gift individuals within their culture on a
regular basis so that they may start a
business or buy a home. They in turn gift
someone else to help enhance their lives.
Habitat for Humanity is a great example of
private gifting. Everyone participates with
their time, their talents and materials to
build a home for someone else. Some
participate with a hammer, some with
nails, some with food and others with
the monetary gifts to purchase the supplies,
but all create a team that works together to
bless someone's life. Ever see "Extreme
Makeover Home Edition?"

How does Cash Gifting work?

This activity is offered only by means of
an exclusive one-to-one invitation. When
someone accepts the invitation, they move
through a natural progression from the giving
to the receiving stage of the activity. In this
activity, there is no fixed hierarchy of
individuals who have an advantageous position
or unfair advantage over new participants.

Who can participate?

As stated above, this is a private sharing
group, and is offered only through an exclusive
one-on-one invitation to individuals over
18 years of age. You are invited to learn
more about our activity and become part of
something extraordinary. Your geographical
location is totally irrelevant with our
revolutionary program!

Anyone can do this. Whether you are
currently employed part-time or
full-time, unemployed, retired, disabled,
a student, single parent or a busy housewife,
our amazing program will help you generate
cash delivered directly to your door!

With my time tested proven strategies and
unique One-on-One training and ongoing support
behind you, it really makes no difference
whatsoever, whether you're an absolute novice
or a seasoned marketer.

I'm broke. How can I give someone a Gift?

Napoleon Hill in his famous book
"Think and Grow Rich" said a BIG
secret to wealth was OPM. Using
other people's money. How bad do
you want success?

Is this a company?

There isn't a company. We are a team
of individuals and we give "Gifts" to
one another. We are not a business or
an investment. A company can't withhold
or misplace our gift. We are totally in
control and in charge of our own gifts
and gift directly one to another.

How can you give to a stranger?

How many times have you given to
United Way, the Salvation Army and
other charities? You don't know who
got the gift, what stranger.
The only difference here is that this
person will start out as a stranger,
but you will get to know them as part
of the team, work with them and perhaps
develop new friendships. We all have met
some of the most wonderful people and have
make a lot of new friends across the
country and the world. These people are
giving, they like team dynamics - they
are people we want to meet and befriend.

Why would I want to participate?

"Gifting" has changed countless lives
for the better. People who were about to
lose their cars and homes have been saved
from financial ruin, college education's
have been made possible and nearly forgotten
dreams have come true, all from participation
in "Gifting". "Gifting" is the fastest way I
have found to legally and ethically generate cash.

Do I have to share this with family and friends?

Not at all! The system helps direct you to
the resources of like-minder individuals that
want to change their lives with this
activity through our proven marketing methods.

Can I do this part-time?

Yes. Many people easily work this activity
around their existing schedule. It's a matter
of setting priorities and fitting this into
your current lifestyle.

Do I have to be a salesperson to do this program?

Not at all! There is zero selling or pressure.
It is simply a matter of sharing this
opportunity with others.

Is it legal?

Yes. Churches, civic groups and people from
around the world have participated in organized
gifting for over 300 years. Laws state that it
is legal for individuals to exchange gifts.
In the United States we have the Preamble, the
Constitution and the Bill of Rights to protect
a private citizen's rights to earn, pay taxes and
give away property and cash as long as it is done
according to the laws and codes of this country.

Can I join at any level to begin?

Yes. You can start by sending a gift of $150,
$250, $500, $1,500, $2,500, $3,500, $5,500
$7,500, or $10,000,

To register go here:


I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Warmest Regards,

Steven Stafford
Phone: 1-417-889-0116




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