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You are ONLY 4 to 8
weeks away from $12,750

Hello There,

You're ONLY 4 to 8 weeks away from $12,750...

Residual Income w/No Admin Fees!

Does this DDC really work? Have a really hard time getting referrals for anything? Is there any spillover in this program?

**If you're looking for other ways of making money online or never have feel free to take a look.**

This is important, Please do Not miss it!!

I wanted to share this with you first... to give you an opportunity before the masses! Get started today and start sharing early.

This will be the hottest worldwide program going and the best part is it's great during these difficult times because it's the Only member to member 100% Payout program with NO ADMIN FEE!

Sorry it took me a moment to get this out to you, busy getting things ready!

To answer the above question, Yes this does work... better than you may think, and w/No Admin Fees as advertised. My sponsor generated 24 sales the first day, and that was 3 days ago. I have just begun sending out my advertising... I joined shortly after him.

But, to further answer the above question with how this works so well, I can start by saying that it is a low cost for members to start and make a pretty decent income with. Hardly anyone can say no to such a low cost program! And with No Admin Fees eating away at your pockets, individuals have a bit more room to work with. (more budget to use w/advertising & actually keep more of the money they have coming in to use elsewhere)

As a matter of fact, I work along with my team to help them generate leads for this business. My sponsor is currently working now on a Free team funnel system that rotates leads leading to sales for members that join and stay active on at least the $25 level.

You have actually caught this at a perfect time (the beginning), because this system is now set to start stacking for members of this team! My sponsor has everything finalized for his Free Team Funnel System.

Should you decide to join our team, you will be placed in rotation for these given away sales...

The best part about this, is that you actually would benefit two ways:

- Leads from my sponsor's team funnel

- I personally purchase advertising to send to my own team rotator (extra leads for being a member of the team)

The traffic is shared among the team, and I do not ask you for anything, except to put in a honest hard working effort in trying to build your business. Believe me your efforts will show, depending on how successful you want to be.

I will share some the resources that I use with you, but I will not build your business for you!

This program requires that you pass up your 2nd and 4th sale... which is of great benefit to you, because once this is done your fully qualified in the program and every member from the 4th sale afterwards you keep.... And EVERY MEMBER YOU KEEP passes Up 2 sales to You!

This is great because the only out of pocket cost you incur, is the cost of the membership level(s) you join; and this is immediately made back on your 1st sale.

This income is residual... so no matter how many sales you earn or receive, as long as they continue, you earn this income every month!

So, what this means for you...?

Goals are set to help my DDC team members that participate in at least level 1 to over $12,800/income per month, or level 1 & 2 to over $58,400/income per month.

This is not based on a maybe... it has been done!

And we will do it again with this program...

Plug in at whatever level(s) you comfortable... and I will work with you to help you succeed!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact me anytime.


Secure Your Position today by Joining Our Team!


Steven Mark Stafford

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