You Just Open This Envelope

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Chain Letter - AnnaBella - Clairvoyant - Medium - Specialist in Occult. Readings of the Soul and Great Diviner of the Will of the Astral World

Friend, your life is about to take a decisive turning. You are facing the most important choice of your life. This letter contains a strange message that will create Magic. And this Magic could bring you breathtaking good Luck, making you the richest and happiest person on the planet....You must choose. Whatever the case, by opening this envelope, you will automatically trigger the Magic. So read the following with great attention, and make your choice: Luck and Happiness or....

Yes, my dear Friend, this letter is vital for you because in just 15 to 20 minutes, you will have made the acquaintance of David, the person behind this mysterious message for you.

In just 15 to 20 minutes from now, you will have also performed an act of pure Magic that you will help to broadcast worldwide.

In approximately 15 to 20 minutes from now, you will have made the choice that determines the orientation of your future Destiny.

Stop everything you are doing, switch off the telly, unplug the phone. Concentrate and make sure you will be calm for 15 to 20 minutes which follow, and make sure no one can disturb you. What you are about to learn is not for everyone's ears.

I know you are interested in the world of magic, the occult sciences, the esoteric arts. You believe in the supernatural and hope deep down that an external intervention could improve your life, resolve your difficulties, and help you fulfil your dreams.

How I understand you Friend! I also know you have been very disappointed, more often than was justified. But I, AnnaBella, I am giving you something concrete, these are not just empty words. And for this reason, I immediately thought of you for this strange fascinating letter. And, you deserve it, let me tell you!

Now you know that you did not receive this letter by chance, for everything it contains is indeed destined for you, Friend, I will tell you how it reached you and the origin of this mysterious message sent to you by a person named David.

But first, I will leave you to read the contents of this fabulous message which I have taken the care of copying out for you. Caution: once you have read it, everything will follow on and you cannot act as if nothing has happened. The Magic was activated automatically for you when you open this envelope. Now you must learn exactly what it's about by reading the facsimile below:

Tell A Friend About Us! Your At:

Now, gather your thoughts for a few moments Friend, consider the contents of this letter bringing both magic and mystery. Dare you ignore its "spell"? I know the answer is no, Friend, because it's one of those messages you cannot help but turn over and over in your mind...

This disturbing message was sent to me by David. He found it in the papers of his Grand-Mother who bequeathed it to him in addition to her immense fortune (his Grand Mother suddenly became very rich without giving any explanation as to the source of all her money).

It remains the case that David asked me to help him continue the chain by distributing the message to deserving people worthy of trust. For you will understand this message cannot be allowed to fall into any hands. It can attract astounding good Luck, that's for sure, but apparently, it can also attract problems for those people who do not believe in the chain. I accepted the "mission" entrusted to me and for that reason you are receiving this letter today Friend. For you are indeed a person of faith and conviction. Otherwise you would not be reading these lines!

Now you have opened the envelope, and read the message, and are aware of its contents, the Magic has now touched you, in a word, now you are an integral part of the Chain, there remain two solutions open to you.

Yes, you can take the risk of ignoring it, in full knowledge of the circumstances. You are not obliged to do anything. It's your decision. I simply made a mistake in approaching you.

Or you could continue reading the letter, and as I sincerely believe, put all the chances in your side, so you can take advantage of the Magic of Fortune I am offering you today! You have nothing to lose, I will deal with everything, as I am doing at this very moment for David!

All the more so, because you don't yet know what I have to reveal. You will see, it exceeds anything you could ever imagine.

I promised to tell you who is David and the origin of the mysterious message. Now I have done it.

I also spoke to you of a Magic act: it's time to discuss this again.

I am AnnaBella, and as you can imagine I am not simply going to pass on a message without the Magic effects. Thanks to me you will obtain the Chain of Fortune you desire.

Yes, I have discovered an occult procedure to direct the Luck brought by this message so that we can grant your 8 dearest wishes. In this way, the Magic of luck will not favour you by chance: no, rather Magic will obey you.

I can imagine your surprise and joy! Yes, the 8 wishes dearest to your heart, I can fulfil them all for you using the dynamic nature of Luck which the Chain of Fortune will generate in your favour..

Now you must accomplish an act of Magic to trigger the process. Be reassured, it is not complicated and take just a few seconds. But you must do it with application because it is through your action I will capture your own vibratory waves.

I will then set them in harmony with the waves of Luck contained in the Chain of Fortune. As soon as I receive your response with the 8 wishes you want to come true, I will perform a secret Ritual that will include the fulfilment of your wishes through the Chain of Fortune.

The Ritual I will use to make all this possible is something I had to go and "find" directly in Bangladesh (the current name of the country Bengal referred to in the message). I was able to rediscover magic Hindu processes used by the hermit to create the Chain. I then improved and developed his occult knowledge so I gained more control over the process.

This is the fruit of my journey to the borders of India and of the ancestral magic practices you will learn today as I offer to grant he 8 wishes dearest to your heart.

But before anything, you must send me your vibratory waves. This is how to proceed.

Take a sheet of paper and copy out this sentence in your own handwriting:

AnnaBella, my Spirit is with you, My thoughts accompany you as well as my faith.

Then, place your left hand on your forehead and your right hand on the sheet of paper, and recite out loud the sentence you have just copied out.

Fold up the piece of paper and attach it to your Chain of Fortune, 8 wishes.

As for me, as soon as I have obtained all these elements, I will prepare 8 copies of the message for you. These copies will be magnetised with your vibratory waves and contain the power to fulfil your 8 wishes.

Above all, you can ask for anything you like: money, love, friendship, improve social status... Think carefully, it's very important. Once your 8 wishes have become a reality, they will represent an unhoped of means of finally changing the course of your life.

Caution, do not "waste" your wishes with unrealistic requests, like, restore life to someone who has passed on... Or by formulating negative wishes, such as seeking vengeance on someone...

But I trust you entirely on these points. I know you are a person full of common sense and discernment. For this reason I thought you would be the ideal beneficiary of the "miraculous" Chain.

Finally, on your behalf I will distribute the 8 copies so your wishes can come true. In fact, as stipulated, the Chain must travel the world and I don't believe you know 8 different people living on 5 different continents! So I will personally select 8 people who are deserving just like you. In that way, you will have no worries, your 8 copies of the message will be in good hands, I can assure you of that.

And, as written in the message, "Between 8 days and 8 weeks later, observe what happens".

I am awaiting your rapid response within a maximum of 8 days because if you delay, the Chain could be broken and your hopes of seeing your 8 wishes fulfilled will disappear forever!

Your great friend,


P.S. I have taken the liberty of preparing 8 copies of the message in advance. They are here in front of me, ready to be sent to the 4 corners of the world to perpetuate the Chain and guarantee the fulfilment of your 8 wishes. I am waiting only for your Ritual of Vibratory Contact accompanies by your 8 wishes. Time is pressing and I do not wish to waste a monent. Pay only $60.00 by PayPal using credit card. Do not mail payment by postal service. Mail the Ritual and 8 wishes to: AnnaBella, c/o S.M. Stafford, 3801 S. Queens Ct., Springfield, Missouri 65807-5330 USA