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From: Steven Mark Stafford, I had a vision about building this site. Things I now have on the site were dreams I have had long ago. Then I got this letter in the mail you can read for yourself. He talks of The Crystal Children and I belive they are also people in The Empower Network and iPass. I think because your on this site you maybe a Crystal Child too, looking for your Destiny and I believe you now have found it with us. Simply replace my name with your own as you read the letter. It will Empower YOU! I received a Boss Pin that Clamps on my shirt. I feel Empowered when I wear it. See my video. I will place you under my Crystal Child protection as a co-worker.

Walter B. Honorus

Walter B. Honorus
Clairvoyant - Medium
Grand Master of Occultism

7th March, 2018 remember this date!

This mail is strictly Personnel. This letter is for your eyes only. Yours and nobody else's!

It's high time that you knew, Steven, because soon it will be too late. You have the right to know since you will gain everything whilst others will lose all! MONEY, HAPPINESS, LOVE, ADMIRATION, SOCIAL STATUS but also spiritual ELEVATION...

These are not my own words. It'll be hard for some but not for you as you are marked out for a fabulous Destiny.

How do I know this? I have been informed Steven.

By blood and fire the entrails of the Earth will open up The madness of men In the Great Alignment of the sky Chaos will spread terror Men will understand their misfortune Women will hide away, clutching crying children to their breasts Disease, famine, fear, murder... will appear, in the darkness of the night. The Crystal Children will bring about peace and the new world.

This concerns you personally.

Steven, what I am about to reveal must remain secret, you will understand why at the end of this letter... In any case, I doubt that you would wish to reveal what is inevitable and will only horrify all of humanity.

You will be above all this

Do not be afraid, Steven, whilst others will sink into darkness, you will enter the Light, the one meant for the Greatest, those who know and who can receive. You will have Knowledge, the Power that comes from Money, Foresight and Happiness... This is a grave time and great events are brewing that will upset the World. Steven, if you decide to read this letter until the end and face up to your Destiny, you will certainly see how you can soar above this chaos with infinite serenity.

The message that I received continued as follows:

The Crystal Children In the illumination of the Light will receive Power, Money, Knowledge... In Great Happiness attentive sentinels of the new world Steven Stafford is the first... Announce it!

This notice, Steven, was signed



There is no doubt about it, this message is for YOU

I know that what I am revealing to you here must seem like the words of an insane person or a visionary but Steven, I beg you to read this letter carefully until the end.


I am neither a prophet, a preacher, or a charlatan. Steven, I received these messages through automatic writing. The Great Man grabbed my hand to announce to you your Radiant Future in the midst of this turmoil. Without me being able to control my writing, he wrote these words, for you.

I received them as if it were a mission to accomplish

This is a grave time... The Grand Masters of Occultism were awaiting a sign, because they already knew.

This sign comes from Nostradamus himself. But what is going to happen? When? Why? What is your role in humanity's future? Why you?

So many questions, Steven and I can answer them all.

Whist the world slips into chaos, a luminous and marvellous life awaits you, Steven because...

... YOU ARE A CRYSTAL CHILD. This is why I am writing to you

Yes, you belong to those who received at birth the Divine Gift of being a Sentinel. Steven, you are a special human being, with more sensitivity, more knowledge and wisdom than average. You aura possesses a very special and a very powerful vibration. You are not aware of it but, in your heart, you always knew that you were different and that the life that you were leading was not really yours, you had a feeling that you were destined for better things.


Time is short!

It is time that you were informed, you the Crystal Child. You need to know this to receive!

Here is the truth: the Great Alignment of our solar system with the Galactic Equator is IMMINENT... This phenomenon occurs every 26,000 years. Steven. This probably means nothing to you, but if I tell you that the consequences 26,000 years ago were terrible, that this alignment led to the disappearance of Atlantis and the end of the Atlantean people, you can probably realize what is awaiting our current world.


I know that this is a terrible revelation even if it will carry you to the heights of Happiness and Veneration.

Because you can gain EVERYTHING.

Here is what is going to happen, Steven.

Our solar system is actually shaped like a disc, moving within the galaxy. Once, every 26,000 years, our solar system crosses the galactic equator. This alignment causes immeasurable vibrations of energy which unbalance the world.

The first signs of the effects of these cosmic vibrations can already be felt.


Nature is reclaiming its rights

Steven, haven't you noticed how the elements have gone crazy? There are more and more floods, hurricanes and even earthquakes. Volcanoes are becoming active again and torrential rain is flooding part of the earth whilst, at the other end of planet, droughts are causing the ground to crack and are sparking off forest fires. Some are drowning to death and others are burnt. The world has never known such chaos before.

It is the end of a civilization

And even the modern world is disintegrating. There is unemployment, poverty, the lack of money, shortages and the economy is collapsing around its foundations. It is like a collapsing house of cards, leaving whole families in distress and misery. How many will be out on the street tomorrow and will die of hunger and the cold?

Mankind has gone insane

Is this the reason behind men killing their own brothers? Just look around the world at people in conflict with others. Governments are defying and oppressing their own people... People are rising up. Everyone is crying out in hatred. Men have became bloodthirsty animals, killing each other over trifles... Life has lost all of its value. Some are killing both father and mother, coldly and without batting an eyelid.

Is this the world you have dreamed of? Surely not, Steven. Yet you are a victim. You are subjected to aggressions on a daily basis. I know that you proudly face up to your daily difficulties and find it difficult to make ends meet, with many obstacles in life... I also know that you have noticed how much more difficult life has become in the past few years and how you need more energy to cope with things and all the constant struggle you have to keep on track. One could almost say that you are struggling against the high seas like a captain on the prow of his ship...

Yes, I know that you have noticed this and that you bitterly deplore it.

Do not be afraid!

Nothing new is created, Steven, nothing is lost, everything just transforms itself, even the Earth is subjected to the tough law of cycles.

The Great Alignment took place once before 26,000 years ago... The consequences have remained ever since on the walls of Life. This alignment led to Atlantis sinking into the ocean and the disappearance of the Atlantean people.

The disappearance of Atlantis has never been a mystery for the Great Sages, but they have always remained silent about the truth!

Yes, Steve, today history is repeating itself.

The first sign of the Great Alignment have been detected for a while already. However this is an inevitable phenomenon, it is an integral part of the history of our planet.

The world is in crisis.


This much is for sure, or else humanity will come to an end, Steven. If mankind remains so full of hatred, if it indulges itself any further in its thirst for domination and power, it will destroy the planet with an atomic war.

It has the choice. Wisdom or destruction. But the elements will decide in its place. The Atlanteans, who were considered so wise and knowledgeable, refused this change.

And they were soon punished. Atlantis was covered by seas and the population disappeared without a trace. It was the end of a civilisation.

I know, Steven, that you are wondering what you can do to avoid this terrible event, you, who already have such difficulty keeping your own head above water.

... And yet you are a Crystal Child. You probably do not realise how Sublimely Lucky you are compared to the rest of mankind. Things will become increasingly difficult, with endless struggle for all and an even harsher reality than before, whereas you will experience the total opposite.

Steven, you are going to receive: the SACRED SYMBOL OF YOUR COMPANY, containing all its Secrets and Universal Knowledge. Why? How? What exactly is this Symbol?... I will tell you more later, Steven. But as soon as you possess it you will see your life change, almost in spite of yourself:

GOOD LUCK will enter your life to attract SUCCESS towards you and this will be your VICTORY.

HAPPINESS will form an integral part of your life. You will be surrounded by the people you cherish most. LOVE, FRIENDSHIP, SUPPORT, FIDELITY... Nobody will be able to resist to you. You will finally experience Love with a capital "L".

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RECOGNITION for all that you did and have still to do. Everyone will be grateful for your presence. You will also gain recognition in gaming, by winning very large Winnings indeed.

MONEY will be drawn towards you, attracted like a magnet... Transactions, negotiations and your judicious decisions will bear fruit and you will make a Fortune. All of your dreams will come true thanks to this Powerful Source of Money.

POWER will be yours. You will become clear-sighted and everyone will listen to your advice as a WISE person. Your Power will be quasi-supernatural. For your close relations and your entourage, you will be the example to follow.

You will take revenge on Life!


YES, this warning comes from Nostradamus

The Great Nostradamus, who marked his own era as well as those of future generations with the precision of his prophetic revelations, seized my hand to send a message to you: a prophecy. The Great Sages were awaiting a sign...

Yes Steven, Nostradamus is really addressing you, there is no doubt about it. And one cannot doubt his predictions either, view the historical facts which have occurred.

This universally recognized prophet actually predicted, in his collection of prophecies, named 'Centuries', some recent events.

The coming of Napoleon ("an emperor will be born close to Italy"), Hitler's dictatorship, the assassination of J.F.Kennedy, the Gulf War, Francois Mitterrand's two terms of office (by evoking the rose), but even more recently:

the terrorist attack in New York on September 11 (in the quatrains VI.97 - II.46 or VIII.74).

the tsunami on December 26, 2004 on the Indonesian coast, amongst others...

There are hundreds of other events waiting to be discovered in future years and centuries, although the obscure language of his works makes it impossible to anticipate these predictions.

In his own lifetime, he fulfilled his mission of informing the world of the great events that would happen.

And after his death, in keeping with his ethics as a doctor, he has decided to inform you of his predictions. Nostradamus has decided to bring you his message in order to warn you that your future as a Crystal Child should at last come about in a whirlwind of immense wealth and great joy... Whilst the rest of the world will experience the throes of the Great Alignment.


You will not be alone!

Steven, the other Crystal Children, exactly 364, one for every day of the year will all come together during your rise. In just one fell swoop the 365 Crystal Children (you included) will receive Luck, Wealth, Happiness, Recognition and Success by accepting the Secret Symbol.

It has a cosmic power which readjusts the galactic vibrations and enables the transformation so that the world attains Wisdom and Universal Harmony.

Steven, you and the other 364 Crystal Children will become Sentinels and your Success and Greatness will be an example to the rest of mankind so that it can build itself up again.

Oh Steven, do not worry, your task will be an easy one with no constraints or obligations... You will live in Happiness and with Money... Everyone will try to imitate you. This is how the world will be rebuilt. (See


The alignment of the solar system and the Galactic Equator is already under way. This can be seen in all the natural disasters, the warlike character of men and the economy which is collapsing on its foundations... But this alignment is not over yet. It will end when the planet of lava, Niribu, appears close to Ursa Minor. Then the alignment will be perfect.


When Niribu appears after this apocalypse, bubbling over. Finally the new world, full of serenity and harmony, will appear by the will of the Crystal Children. It is Nostradamus himself who predicted this.

Men will be terrified by the sight of this ball of fire even though it will be their salvation and will mark the end of the chaos. They will become accustomed to seeing it but they will fear its effusions of lava which will act as a warning to them.

2018 is not far off... only 2 years away. You have exactly 2 years Steven to build your fortune, to gain the esteem and the recognition of others, to live out your inevitable rise towards HAPPINESS, LOVE and MONEY... to place yourself above everyone else and to save yourself from the torments of the apocalypse that will affect all of mankind.

In fact, you have very little time to transform your Destiny, exactly 21 days, to agree to receive the Sacred Symbol and its Secrets of SUCCESS, MONEY and HAPPINESS along with the rules which govern this universal harmony and which will enable you to activate its Cosmic Power, Source of your UNIVERSAL WEALTH.

If you don't join now or, within 21 days, I will have to presume that you wish to refuse this transformation and to join up with the other 364 Crystal Children. And then Steven your Destiny will inevitably slip towards the difficulties and rigours of everyday life and you will be subjected like everyone else to the throes of the transformation on March 7th, 2018.

Let me remind you Steven, you are a CRYSTAL CHILD. You are a deserving person, with a combative force that will definitely bring you constant reward... You deserve so much to be saved and to gain everything, that I know that your decision will be right and sincere.

Steven, if you still have any doubts concerning what awaits humanity during the Great Alignment, then read this letter again carefully and you will realise where your HAPPINESS lies.

I am aware that I have just revealed something terrible to you, but the World really cannot keep destroying everything thus without being punished... One day it must pay for its excess of violence, the Great Alignment is a reminder from the Universe so men can regain a modicum of wisdom!

Nostradamus' is offering you a priceless gift today: whilst others will lose everything, you will gain everything! You of course, but you will also be able to share all of the Greatness, Happiness and Money etc... with your loved ones and to place them under your Crystal Child protection.

However, the Sacred Symbol is subject to certain commandments.

Right Click And Save Link As To Download Core Check List,
Call Steve 1-417-889-0116 And Tell Him Your Answers
To Page Two So He Can Help You!

Silence is GOLDEN. You must never reveal to anybody Nostradamus' revelations, nor the existence of this letter.

Commitment is SACRED. You must only use the Sacred Symbol for positive ends. You must never use it to harm anyone, or that would turn it against you.

An OFFERING to the messenger. According to ancient tradition, a gift requires a donation of money to mark your recognition, gratitude and the acceptance of this gift.

I know that as a CRYSTAL CHILD you will face up to your Destiny, which will save the world.

Beware, in 21 days' time, it will be too late!

With my warmest regards,

Walter B. Honorus

Join in Steven's Company.


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