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Jeff Breakey
All right. Well welcome everyone. This is so exciting.
I am here gonna host the call here tonight. My name is
Jeff Brakie.

This is our very first Thursday evening call for M. 80
advertising, and I am absolutely thrilled to be here
so excited
because i'm seeing, like so many excited people just
getting turned on to what we're doing and getting into
action and and loving it and getting results from our
you know. I'm i'm getting more and more clicks. Now,
on my advertising campaigns I have 4 different
campaigns going, and i'm getting a bunch of clicks,
and i'm even getting some people reaching out to me
joining the ads, the companies that i'm advertising,
and it's awesome. I love it that it's working. I love
that our advertising system is working, and I knew it
would. I mean, you know the owners of this company,
Jeremy Duncan is the main owner.
He knows what he's doing. He's one of the smartest guys
I know. When it comes t0 0nline advertising and traffic
and technology stuff online, he's really, really good.
And that's one of the reasons why i'm here is because
he he's he's he's an expert, and he's an awesome guy,
and he's a giver. He, you know he's somebody that I
trust a 100%.
And that's important. When you have a company like this,
you know, you gotta know that what you're in is real,
and and and it's honest, and it's and it's gonna work,
and it's gonna serve people and really provide and do
what they say.
And we have that we have all that, and it's it's awesome
to be able to share it.
because when when you understand what it is, we have.
and you really kind of dig in and get the details and
talk to an upline leader and explore the back office and
create your ads and see them start working. And
all of those things lead you to more and more
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
level of excitement
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
level of being really
committed at a deeper level, and that's what it takes to
to do this business and to do it in a way that is gonna
lead you to massive success. You've got to be really
committed. You gotta be passionate. You gotta be like.
Okay, i'm going to get all my questions, answered. I'm
going to really dig in here, and that's what I did.
and I had the the advantage of knowing Jeremy Duncan
beforehand, and working with him very closely the past
year. So I already knew. He is a great guy and a perfect
company owner that knows what he's doing, and that I can
and some of you may already also know that. But but you know,
I said, this is a brilliant idea. If you can really do this,
and you can do this good
and do what you say. This is going to be big. It's going to
be big, because there are literally literally millions of
people who want what we have.
I'm, not even teasing. I'm not exaggerating.
There's millions of people in just in North America.
in the Us. And Canada. They want what we have. They want a
platform to advertise to thousands of like-minded people
who are already involved in network marketing home based
business, affiliate marketing.
making money from home. They're already involved in something,
and they want to promote what they got t0 0ther like minded
Well, the cool thing about in the advertising is that part of
our ads are given t0 0ur current members, and, by the way,
we're only about 1,500 right now in the company, because we
just pre launched a about a month and a half ago.
so we only have about 1,500 right now. But I'm telling you
this is going to grow t0 10000 real quick.
and secondly, our ads that we create and post. Out there we
create a campaign. They're currently going out t0 26000 more
that are in our same advertising space, our same network
marketing kind of space. People involved in
networking and and affiliate programs that want to, you know,
be connected with other people, and possibly want might want
what we have whatever business we're we're working. So we have
our ads going out to about 28,000 people right now.
and as you can see in your back office. Almost every page of
your back office now includes 5 ads
from our current members. Some of them are very interesting.
I actually have joined one of them already. In 3 weeks that
I've been in I've joined one thing.
and from an AD I saw here I just today. Actually I did. I went.
Whoa! That's really cool, and I joined it. Why not? You know
it's like If if it's gonna help me make more money and promote
this my business better then i'm all in. And and so I know
there's a lot of other people out there that
that have the same kind of thought
thought patterns that we wanna support each other to be more
successful and make more money. So tonight we have a special
a call.
And what we're gonna do is, we're gonna hear from about 4 0f
our top earners. and we're gonna hear from some people who.
you know, have really been going after this and sharing it
with a lot of people and doing very well. And the first one
we're going to hear from his loss and graves Allison is
someone that I've just met through this business, and
he he's a he's a real leader. He's he's a real
enthusiastic and confident.
a strong leader that believes in what we're doing, and has
recruited a lot of people I don't know 20 0r 30 so far in
a very short time, but a week, 2 weeks, maybe week and a half.
and he's he's done very well. So, Lawson, i'd love to hear
some of your thoughts about
what it is you love about this, and why you're going all in
with it.
user avatar
lawson Graves
I thank you for giving me an opportunity to share.
I. The first thing I would say is, it is exciting.
And of course I've been doing this network for many, many
years, over 30 years regular. and have never seen and think
it's exciting at this I when I first saw it I saw the
concept that Jeremy had put together.
It remind me of something i'd be at back in the name is.
I came up the same concept. Why not have a platform? But we
didn't have the technology to advertise that we do now. But
I had to start a company to where people could actually be
part of the coming. So remember Membership Company, and they
can ever tap whatever they want to advertise on it.
It was absolute for number. But when I saw this, and I saw
the the the way it was set up, the ease of working, it was
We are. What did I do? I did what I always do when I joined
a company. What I did my little research. So what was going
Talk to a couple of you, I said, let me go for it. That was
exactly 2 weeks and 4 days ago.
2 weeks and 4 days ago. It's when I got started on the sun.
But first thing I did was I made a list of people I want to
contact keep people. I didn't go to my big list. I made a
a list of
I mean a list of 58 people that I want to contact.
Never before have I seen anything like it. Yet.
I'm letting everybody know 27 people on my list have already
joined this program.
Why, everything I like 27 0f the 58 are in already.
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
user avatar
lawson Graves
But my income in 2 weeks in 4 days.
and what's given away? My income is over 1,600 and
$18 a week. 4 days is exciting.
and our table is exciting to see how the people responding.
It's exciting to be a people, I hope, but a lot of people tell
you I can't recruit. I can't recruit. This is a answer to that
problem. They like to get in different programs. This is an
answer to a person who I can't bring you in this they ask.
So really
I wouldn't let my team know that's all I get part of you on the
call tonight that that I appreciate them. And I just just want to
let everybody know this, is it? If you don't quite understand it's
okay. This was resolved the problem that most of the out and network
again. Thanks a lot for you doing, Jeff. You've been there for me,
but I need to so appreciate you so much. I appreciate Morris also
back to you. Right?
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
Well, thank you, Lawson. I appreciate that. I want to highlight
a couple things you said Number One. How simple it is!
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
You know a person can get started here know almost nothing about
online advertising. Never run any online ads before, and in 5 min
they can set up their AD and get it going less than 5 min.
You just fill in the blanks
and put in your website, URL. It's so so simple, and I love that
it's that simple because a lot of these different online advertising
things, traffic exchanges and safe. Listen: these this and that all
these different systems. Gosh! There's about a 1 million different
things to
try to figure out. This is so simple, and I love that about it.
It's also really affordable. 75 bucks You get amazing value.
7,500 clicks, clicks, You get actual clicks. For that. That's
a penny. A click that's just just incredible value
and incredible simplicity. And then, on top of that, the reason
you made so much money is, we get these really big $50 fast start
commissions right up front, and and that's another thing that's
motivating a lot of people. So I want to turn now to Lon Lindsay,
who is with us as well, and
one is also been highly successful. He's been in for less than a
month, and has a close to a 100 people in his group. One LAN,
is also an amazing
leader, and someone I respect with the highest level of of respect
that I have for anybody in the industry, and and he's just a he's
also a giver, and someone that that will do anything for his for
his team members to help him. So Lon, can you unmute, and
user avatar
I've been in contact with, and I appreciate them. And and they're
taking their time to come to this zoom I remember you gave me.
You know you sent me
the M. 80 advertising.
and because you sent it to me I knew it would probably be good,
but I didn't get on it right away. I was pretty busy working
another program, and really thought I didn't have time for anything
else. But then I did look at the pay plan.
and, in fact, when I first looked at it, it looked so good I had to.
I either sent you a question or Jeremy a question, saying, am I
reading this right? I couldn't believe it. Well, I knew I needed to
get on this really fast, because
people are going to get to see it. You know the masses. We're going
to get to see it pretty soon. So I jumped on it, and I sent out
some emails.
and the response was so good. I knew we had something.
and that led me to.
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
you know.
user avatar
talking to more people and and getting information out to people.
In fact, we working with you? We came up with this beautiful postcard.
beautiful postcard, with lots of information on for the people that
are just now learning how to do advertising online. So it it gives
both worlds.
you know, together. But the the main thing is
for me was the pay plan, and then I knew the advertising would be good.
But I actually told my people, I said, focus on the pay plan. Now you
can always go back to learning how to do advertising
the money is in the plan. So that's what a lot of them are doing.
And you know I i'm making some good money
and the the matrix hasn't really kicked in yet.
That's where the big money is going to be over time. So right now it's
kind of like, okay. Make $50 here and $50 there, and it helps pay for
your cost that you're putting into, you know, mailing or emailing, or
whatever it is.
So I you know it's a good pro. Let me say it this way. If my mother
were living I would tell her about it.
and even people who aren't net workers can use the product. So
we've got something that I feel really good about. I called a feel
good program a feel good company, and I've been in touch with Jeremy.
He is such a hard worker, he responds. He wants to do the right thing,
and I just feel good about the community and the whole so
welcome everyone. I'm glad to see you.
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
Thank you, Lon. Appreciate you being on the call tonight, and all your
hard work is, is paying off. And
you know those $50 commissions really add up don't they.
and that's the beauty of this is that if if if somebody decides to make
that a serious commitment and go into massive action. And just you really
just go for it full throttle. You really can make a $1,000 here, you know,
in your first week or 2 weeks or 3 weeks, and
it it's just it's doable.
and you just have to make the decision work. If you don't quite have the
confidence yet, work with your upline leader, whether that's Lon, or or
or Christina, or or Lawson, or Terry, or whoever it is work with an upline
leader to help you
kind of get a strategy and get into high gear, and and you'll be able to.
You know it plays a path similar to what? To what do these leaders are
doing Next Up we have Christina Orchett and Christina is someone that
I am so excited to to
learn more about and and become friends with, because I only met her in
this business, and and she's she's a a sideline member. But I hope, hope
hopefully. A
a good friend going forward. She seems amazing. We talk today briefly,
and she's done phenomenal things with the business, and so I invited
her on the call to you. Share her perspective. So, Christina, can you
hear me?
user avatar
Christina Orcutt
Yes, I can.
Awesome. Thank you for being here. Oh, thank you for inviting me, and I
like to thank all the people on this call that have joined me. I greatly
appreciate it, because I know you can join anybody in any one of these
businesses, but
i'm very grateful. So thank you, and you know I i've been doing this for
52 years. Sometimes it blows my mind. It's been that long, and it's this
industry has been very, very good to me, my husband, but i'll tell you my
goal from the first Mlm. Meeting I went to when I was 23,
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
was believing in the concept of people helping people.
user avatar
Christina Orcutt
and I I could tell you that through over the years, especially as we got
into the online marketing. It seems like it's become so so much more complicated.
So for me, I can tell you that I have to keep it so simple. The things that
I do are
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
It's just e hammering people really with emails. I do a lot a lot of emailing
through auto responders, through group mailers.
user avatar
Christina Orcutt
through gmail accounts. And you're better off, having you know a list of people
like I think it was lost, and said, you know 58 people, you know that's that's
exactly what I did. I I took a small list, maybe about 150 people, and I think
78 signed up.
and when I saw those numbers I was thrilled. Because usually you, you, Don't,
have that many who will come in, and actually, you know, get their credit card
out and pay. So that was really exciting to see that. And you know it. I what
I do, as I said go is like. I want to make
$5,000 my first month.
So what I do is
take 5,000 divided by 50, and that gives me the number of people I want to get.
But then it goes even further than that. I was just doing some numbers here.
If I have 78 people in my first 2 and a half weeks.
I then times that by 27 right because we get 25 and the $2 and I I've done a lot
a lot of these businesses, and thank the Lord.
I've done very well in them. I do the same same way. I do. Every single business.
Keep it simple do a lot of mass emailing.
But to see that to have that residual income
is something that we need people to start making it that you know it's small. It
doesn't matter where you start. Just start somewhere and Don't quit.
I cannot tell you that you know people I talked to so many people over the years,
and it's like. you know. I love to play pickleball, and if I g0 0ut there and
play one day
a month, i'm not going to be very good.
So you anything you do in life you have to consistently do it. You said every day,
start your day and say you're going to do so many emails and do it, and don't stop
till you reach your goal. And one of the things that seen over the years is that
there's so much opportunity there, folks.
we are in a new one. Pop out every 10 min. I get calls from people, and, by the way,
when someone does call you or send you an email about their opportunity. Thank them.
Send back an email and say, Thank you for thinking of me right now. I'm swant,
but stay in touch.
So what you're doing is you're letting them know who you are, and then say, by the way,
I do have a great marketing tool that you could use to market your business because
with M. 80 we have really. I don't think we have any competition.
When I look at all the other advertising platforms out there. I don't know one of them
that would have paid me almost $4,000 in 3 3 weeks tomorrow.
That's a lot of money to get started in a business and have that opportunity to make
that much money. You don't have to, you know, like some companies make a few bucks
and then work for years to make more money. This one here the pay plan, I' i'm
telling you guys.
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
it's the best best pay plan I've ever seen in any one of these programs. As long as
I've been working online, which has been quite a
user avatar
Christina Orcutt
few years like I said so I would just say, you know, share this with people. And one
more thing. I have people asking me all the time. What should I say to people you
know we are all
trying to to, you know. Make better lives for ourselves and our families is so send
an email out when you send it to somebody. Let people know who you are, rather, no
matter where it is what
I mean. If you want to let them know your real person, you know. Hi, Mary, I live out
here in Sedona Arizona. It's a beautiful place. I've been in the industry for so long,
and you know, just let them know who you are, and you're not a salesperson, and
that's how you starts establishing relationships with people. But we have a great
opportunity here. I want to take any more time. So yeah, thank you, Jeff and Jeremy,
and thank him, too, because we have. We have a winner here, folks. So just jump in
and take it to the top.
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
All right. Thank you so much, Christina. Gosh, I love that. I love that. I love
your your focus and your goals, because so many people aren't sure what to do,
and so they never really get started. And if you just focus on
I really want this, I really want to make this one work.
What do I do? Well, how much do I want to make? Let's set some goals. How do I get
there. Let's talk to the upline leaders. Let's see what Christina does. Let's get
on the the zoom. Call on every Tuesday and every Thursday, and let's just figure
this out and go for it.
And you know most people don't have the contacts that you or I have Christina or
the others that have talked, but it doesn't matter. We all start from somewhere it,
hey? If it takes you a little bit longer to make your 4,000. So what? So maybe it
takes you 2 0r 3 months, but it doesn't matter as long as you put your mind to it.
You're going to get there.
You're going to get there. Don't worry about the speed. It's the consistency that
counts. The consistency is what counts.
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
and with with M 80 I I I want to just
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
absolutely let everybody know that the this is the best pay plan I've ever seen.
When you can get somebody into an amazing platform that works with awesome value,
and advertising
with a a brilliant, brilliant concept that's so simple
and so effective, and it's only $75,
even if that person didn't get in to make money at all, but just got in for the
advertising. They'd be ahead of the game they'd be They'd be
excited and happy.
and that's what I love about this is that even people who are not in it for the
money are happy and excited because the the system works and it's brilliant.
but those that want to make money. There's no better comp plan I've ever seen.
When you get paid 50 0ut of 75 that's two-thirds of the money
right up front, and you guess what the matrix is still paid t0 0n that same order.
So you're going to earn another $2 at least.
and if if your matrix is building down as you build it.
When someone spills in underneath another person, you've sponsored, You make an
extra $2 after you have your 4,
because once you sponsor 4, you're permanently locked in to matching 100% match
on the matrix of everyone you sponsor.
So I think it was Lawson that that said to me last week: oh, my God, I'm getting
all these extra $2 commissions! What's going on? And i'm like Yup, I think you
just figured it out. You're getting matches from all the people that are spilling
in under the people you sponsored, and it's paying you extra money.
user avatar
Unknown Speaker
So every single order pays instantly
user avatar
Jeff Breakey
pays daily, basically and instantly. and every single order pays all 3 ways,
the 50,
the matrix pay to the 10 levels up, and then the matching pay
to anyone who has their 4, And that's where you all want to really get serious
and get your for.
because that's what makes all the difference in the world. If you want to make
some some good money here, if you want to follow the lead of of of Christina
and and myself and and Lawson and and others. We'll have other leaders on these
calls, too, as we go forward every Tuesday and Thursday we do this call
It's gonna be the same link every single Tuesday and Thursday, and anyone who
rises up and starts doing this in a bigger way, we'll have you guys on the 2
to tell your story.
but it's it's fun. We're just gonna have fun with this guys, and it's a support
system to support whatever business you're doing. So we don't talk about what
our other business is on this call ever it's not about that. It's about. We can
support each other
to make money here, and in any whatever business we want through our ads.
So I I thank you all for joining us tonight, you know, if you have specific
questions like
like, how does the how, how, how does he?
The the the system work when somebody doesn't pay? How long do they have to
stay in the matrix stuff like that.
We'll we'll get those ants questions answered on future calls, or you can talk
to your upline leaders and and get those answers if you want, because I know
we have some chat questions in the in the chat box, but we'll keep this call
always t0 30 min or less every single Tuesday, Thursday. You can count on it
30 min or less.
and we're going to be here for you, and if you need the recording Just reach
out to your upline or to Jeremy.
and and he'll get it to you because we we do record these calls, and we're happy
to share them with anyone in the whole company, and just support your teams to
grow and thrive and prosper and let's all get out there and and build big teams
and and have some fun.
So thanks everyone for joining us tonight. I am so excited to see what we can
do in the next week.
and we'll see you next Tuesday.
user avatar
Christina Orcutt
Thanks for joining us tonight. We'll see you soon.
user avatar
lawson Graves
Thank you so much.

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