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COP cooks METH. Shows how easy it is.

Methylamine HCL Synthesis

Suspect caught in producing methamphetamine: These are drugs, not autism medication T24 T24 7 months ago 1.2K views A warehouse operation was conducted by the narcotic police in Bursa. 80 grams of methamphetamine and drugs used to reproduce drugs were seized in the operation. Police teams in the face of the raid suspects M.S.S., '' These are not drugs. Autism drugs, "he said. Bursa Provincial Police Department Anti-Narcotic Crime Branch Teams, central Osmangazi district in a warehouse reproduction of drugs, then the information was made trade. Under intensive security measures, teams organized operations in the warehouse, MSS and ES detained The suspects who saw the police in front of the MSS, '' These are not methamphetamine, I'm doing the drug. Autism medication, '' he reacted. Two suspects were arrested by the court where they were sent to the courthouse after their statements at the police station and sent to prison.


Meth Synthesis For Dummies

Recipe for Meth List of chemicals and materials: 1) Dilute Hydrochloric acid--> This may be purchased at the hardware store. It's sold as a brick and driveway cleaner. They call it muriatic acid. 2) Sodium Hydroxide--> This, you probably already have. It's called "lye" at mostplaces; it's drain cleaner. Ethyl Ether--> You'll probably have to make this. Don't worry, it's a breeze. Just go to your local K-mart or Auto parts store, and get a can of that "STARTING FLUID" it comes in a spray can. It's used for cold weather starting of gasoline engines. 3)"VICKS" nasal inhalers-->USE ONLY VICKS!! No other kind will work that I know of. These are at any drug store or grocery, etc. You need 12 of em, but don't buy em' by the dozen, unless its winter time, then you can just say yer from some nursing home, and you're stockin up for the patients. Otherwise buyem' 2 at a time, if possible. Get a friend to help you. The druggists at the drug store usually will know what's goin on if you buy quantity. LIST OF EQUIPMENT: two large eyedroppers ten small glass bottles one large glass or porcelain bowl coffee filters one small jar with a top one Pyrex baking dish one glass test tube N O T I C E: DON'T SMOKE IN THE SAME ROOM WHEN YOU DO THIS. OPEN A WINDOW IN THE ROOM IF POSSIBLE. FOLLOW THESE INSTRUCTIONS EXACTLY. THIS RECIPE HAS BEEN TESTED AND THIS IS THE BEST WAY TO DO IT. DON'T TAKE SHORTCUTS, AND DON'T EVEN START TO DO THIS UNLESS YOU HAVE ABOUT 3 HOURS SPARE. PREPARING ETHER! (DO THIS FIRST) Take one of the small bottles and spray starter fluid in it till it looks half-full. Then fill the rest of the way with water, cap the bottle and shake for 5 minutes. Then, draw off the top layer with the eyedropper, and throw away the water layer. Repeat this until you have about 3 oz. of ether. Put the cap on it, and put it in the refrigerator if you can. (If you can't, don't worry about it) You'll use this in the procedure below. THE TRIED AND TRUE HOME PRODUCTION METHOD (1) Break open the inhalers, a pair of real sharp scissors does this good. Place the cottons that were inside in a jar and close the lid. (Remember you use all 12 cottons.) (2) In the bowl, combine 1- 1/3 oz. water and 2/3 oz. muriatic acid. Shred cottons in this solution, and knead for 5 minutes with hands. (ALWAYS BE SURE THERE'S CLEAN RUBBER GLOVES on your hands.) Squeeze all juice out of filters after you knead, and throw em away. (3) Filter the remaining liquid into the quart jar. It will be necessary to do this several times to get that awful smelling oil out. The chemicals in theinhalers have been bonded to the HCl, and the oils have been filtered off. Throw the filters away. (4) Pour enough of the solution into a small bottle to fill it 1/3 full. Save any left-over juice for the second batch. (5) Pour 1/4 teaspoon of the lye crystals into the bottle and agitate. Do this carefully, as the mixture will become hot, and give off a gas. Repeat this step until the mixture remains cloudy. (6) Fill the bottle from step (5) up the rest of the way with ether. Cap thebottle, and agitate for about 8 minutes. It is very important to expose every molecule of the free-base to the ether for as long as possible. (7) Let the mixture settle. There will be a middle layer that is very thick. Tap the side of the bottle to get this layer as thin as possible. (8) Remove the top layer with the eyedropper, being careful not to get any ofthe middle layer in it. Save the top layer, and throw the rest away. (9) Fill a bottle half-way with water, and about 10 drops of acid. Pour thetop layer from step (8) into the bottle, and cap it. Shake the bottle for 2 minutes. When it settles, remove the top layer and throw it away. The freebase has now been bonded to the HCl/water mixture. (10) If there is anything left from step (3), repeat the procedure with it. (11) Evaporate the solution in the Pyrex dish on low heat. You can do this onthe stove, but I have found that if you leave it on top of a hot-water heater (like the one that supplies hot water to your house) for about 2-3 days, the remaining crystals will be Methamphetamine. Some notes: Police are now calling this the "New Cocaine". It is very easy to become delirious off the ether fumes, so be sure you arewell ventilated, I mean it!!! Small, aspirin or experiment bottles seem to work the best for smaller batches. The measurements are not exact, so you don't have to be either. In step 9, be sure you don't use too much water. Remember, this is the water you have to use to evaporate.

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