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GlockTriggers - Installation

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Glock 17 Gen 3 9mm Complete Upper Slide

I do receive a commission on some of the idems below but do not receive a commission on any of the rifles above. Thank you for your support and I sincerely wish you the best that life has to offer you. Stay safe and free!

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80% Glock Poly Pistol Frame Jig Kit - Polymer80 (Qty: 1)

Everything you need here for one low price ==>>

Glock Gen3 Factory Upper Receiver** (Qty: 1)
Glock Lower Parts Kit (Qty: 1)
Pistol magazine (Qty: 1) Lots of choices here, but what you will ultimately get depends on the legality of magazine capacity within your state.
*purchased from **You MUST purhase a generation 3 (gen3) upper, other generations will not fit the Polymer 80


[] A large coarse file for rough work.
[] A medium fine file for smoothing work
[] 220 grit sandpaper
[] A set of jeweler's files
[] Bench Vise
[] Soft Jaws for your vise to hold the gun while you work
[] Electric drill. You will not need any bits - all bits you need come in the Polymer 80 kit.
[] Hammer
[] Needle nose pliers
[] Hack saw
[] Small brush for dusting away plastic chips and shavings
[] Pin punch or other tool to drive in pins.
[] Gun oil or your favorite gun lubricant
[] Loctite Red or equivalent thread locker


[] A drill press with cross slide vise
[] Milling machine (all end mills you would require are included in Polymer 80 kit)

I built this site so I could travel and be able to build me a gun or rifle where ever I go. With government airline rules it makes it hard to take your own weapons. What I like most they can't trace these DIY weapons to you. In the near future they won't be knocking on your door to take them away, with all this so called gun control rules. Gun control means to me hitting your target. I hope this site frees you a bit too. Tell a friend your at: Protect the 2nd, they keep changing. Remember there is no paper work to track you down.