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Posted by Best Online Training With Steve, David, Etc on Thursday, November 5, 2015

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Hi I'm a Client and JV Partner of Chris Lakey and T.J. Rohleder and I've put together this web page to tell you what a postcard says about this free opportunity. T.J. Rohleder started in the Opportunity Mail Order field a little over 20 years ago with only $300 Dollars and has made over One Hundred Million Dollars, T.J. offers his help to other small business people. He has a course that goes along with opportunity that sales for $595 and he says if you buy the course and your business don't make at least a Hundred Thousand within a year he will write you a check for $1,500.00. You don't have to buy the course to make $500 commissions. The huge package he mails to you is free, you don't even pay shipping for it. You risk nothing what-so-ever and that is why I'm letting you know about this.

The marketing system is a 1up system but, if you purchase the course for yourself that counts as your own first sale, so you start earning on the first one you sponsor into the system, if you don't purchase the course you give up one sale to your sponsor. This is a mail order system. T.J. mails all the packages to your leads, don't cost you anything. You get a Toll Free Phone Number with your own Extension. Here is a place to place all your off line ads from your computer Please write down the URL, I get advertising credits when you use that URL. You just take out ads, mail postcards, hand out business cards with Your Toll Free Number and you get paid $500 on all sales. T.J. places your name and address on the order form and the customer pays you direct.

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You Can Get Started With T.J's. Part-Time Internet Wealth Program

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