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I can pretty much tell by the price what your ordering and will deliver by e-mail and USPS. Except firewood, you must come pick up your order but, I will have your name on the lot of firewood, shipping firewood is too costly. If your just making a donation and get a product bonus that would be okay wouldn't it? Please send note telling me what your ordering.

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Steven Mark Stafford

1 3/4 cubic foot bundel of firewood $5.00
3 cubic foot sack of firewood $12.00
Cord 4x4x8 feet firewood spited $500.00
Must come get the wood at:
422 S.E. 1st Lane,
Lamar, MO 64759 USA
3801 S. Queens Ct.,
Springfield, MO 65807 USA
Call to make sure wood is available
1-417-660-4157 in Lamar, MO
1-417-771-5505 in Springfield, MO
We are taking orders for firewood

If you want to sell collectables it cost $9.95/yearly for a
website. You will need to click on login-members and give them my
e-mail address: - when filling
out sign up form. Look forward to working with you.

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