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I'm going to start a Motor Cycle Taxi Service and I need
investor's to go into it with me.

The motor cycle I've picked out is a 450 Janus.

I'm having a side car made for it.

Each taxi will cost around $30,000.00

I plan to charge rider's 2 dollars per mile.

I think a lot of people will want to hire a ride,
just for the fun of it and of course to get to
where they want to go. If it's just around the

I will have to buy radio's and set up phone service
for booking the rides by call in, get GPS.

We will have to have a service shop for maintaining

We can start with one shop and open others anywhere
in the world.

If you donate a few dollars now to help me get started,
I will return your investment donation soon as possible
with interest, soon as I got this venture up and running.

I'm going to keep track of every dollar.

Please donate now!

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If you want to operate a ride service call me
and we'll talk about the investment.

Steven Mark Stafford

422 S.E. 1st. Lane,
Lamar, MO 64759 USA

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Steven Mark Stafford

I'm thinking about this motorcycle and sidecar.
For highway driving. It won't get the gas mile's
the Janus motorcycle will get but it cost less
and has lot's more power for highway riding.

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